November 17, 2019

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British-Columbia lawyers

Lloyd Duhaime, L.L.B.

Lloyd Duhaime, first practiced in Baie-Comeau, Quebec with Savard Nadeau Francoeur and then joined the Standards Council of Canada, in Ottawa, as General Counsel, from 1986 to 1995. Mr. Duhaime also enjoyed a term as personal legal advisor to the federal Minister of Justice. Lloyd was employed as a senior administrative officer with the Ministry of the Attorney General in Victoria, British Columbia in the Reciprocal Enforcement of Maintenance Orders (REMO) office.
As a result, Lloyd acquired a reputation as one of Canada's foremost legal experts on international and inter-provincial child and spousal support issues, an expertise he brings to his practise as lawyer for child support payors and recipients embroiled in inter-provincial or international child or spousal support disputes.

Lloyd Duhaime est avocat (membre du Barreau du Québec et du Law Society of British Columbia).
Né à Baie-Comeau en 1959, Me Duhaime a pratiqué le droit pendant 11 ans à Baie-Comeau, à Hull et à Ottawa avant d'arriver à Victoria en juin 1995.
Entre 1985 et 1993, il a aussi oeuvré en tant que conseiller politique du Premier ministre du Canada et de quelques-uns de ses ministres dont le Ministre de la justice et celui de l'Industrie. De 1986 à 1995, il a occupé les postes de secrétaire corporatif, avocat-conseil général et directeur des politiques du Conseil canadien des normes à Ottawa.
Durant ses temps libres, il a écrit cinq livres dont De Puissance Comblée (l'histoire de Baie-Comeau) et Hear! Hear! (une histoire de la Chambre des communes), en plus de contribuer plus de 200 articles, à titre de pigiste, pour plusieurs publications juridiques ou générales, dont le Toronto Star, le Montreal Gazette, le Ottawa Citizen et la revue de l'Association du Barreau Canadien. En 1994, il a fondé vouée a l'accès à l'information juridique. Il demeure dans le district Cook Street Village de Victoria. Il est un fervent partisan de l'unité canadienne.
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John Mickelson, L.L.B.

John Mickelson has been practicing law since 1982. He practiced in California from 1982 to 1983. In 1984 John went into private practice.
John primarily focuses on personal injury claims including motor vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian. He has handled numerous brain and severe spinal cord injury claims and recovered millions of dollars in compensation on behalf of his clients.
John is a member of the Trial Lawyers Association, the California Bar Association and the B.C. Bar Association.
John is married with a six year old daughter. He is an avid water sports enthusiast.
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Chris Bungay, L.L.B.

Downtown Vancouver law office with over 12 years experience specializing in auto accident/ICBC law, personal injury, and disability claims law with offices in Surrey and Vancouver. If you have suffered an injury, Bungay Law Office can help you obtain fair compensation.
We have negotiated hundreds of settlements for BC residents. If your case cannot be settled, we are ready to fight for you. We have experience representing the injured and disabled in the Courts of British Columbia.
Whether your claim is with ICBC, WBC, or the government, we are ready to fight for your rights.

Jeffrey S. Lowe, B.Comm., LLB

Jeffrey S. Lowe is a Business and Immigration lawyer, and has practised law in British Columbia since 1983. He was educated at the University of British Columbia, and has both a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Laws degree. Jeffrey is the Principal of Lowe & Company, a Business and Immigration Law firm that has acted for clients from over 45 countries. Jeffrey is the Team Leader for Lowe & Company's Business Immigrant Team, which has brought many Business Immigrants to Canada from Asia, North America, and the Middle East. He also heads up Lowe & Company's Global HR Team, which assists Canadian and Multinational companies to bring in foreign workers and executive transferees to Canada.

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Ian Goldman, B.A.(Hons.) M.A. LL.

Mr. Goldman obtained his law degree from the University of British Columbia in 1992. He is a member of the Law Society of British Columbia, and the Immigration Section of the Canadian Bar Association. In addition to providing legal advice to clients, he regularly challenges decisions of the Canada immigration authorities in the Canadian court system. He has appeared in the Federal Court of Appeal, the Federal Court Trial Division, and at the Appeal, Refugee and Adjudication Divisions of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. He has also been active in trying to protect the public from incompetent immigration consultants. :
We advise and prepare immigration applications for permanent residence, temporary applications for work permits, student permits and visitor visas and many other types of applications. We also appeal all types of cases to the immigration and federal courts.


Rose A. Keith, LLB

Ms. Keith graduated from the University of Saskatchewan law school in 1992 and was called to the bar of the province of British Columbia in 1993.
As an experienced litigation-trial lawyer in the areas of personal injury and employment law -- she has represented clients before the British Columbia Supreme Court, British Columbia Court of Appeal and Human Rights Tribunal.

Personal Injury Law represents about 60% of her practice. She acts as a plaintiff's lawyer representing individuals injured in motor vehicle accidents with a variety of injuries including brain injury, spinal cord injury, chronic pain, psychological injuries and soft tissue injuries. Focus is on ensuring full compensation for all losses suffered. A smaller part of the personal injury practice is acting for victims of sexual assault (typically historical abuse cases).

Employment Law represents about 30% of her practice. She acts for both employers and employees and in a variety of situations ranging from wrongful dismissals to human rights claims.

General Litigation takes up the balance of her practice, for example, litigation concerning the terms of sale of businesses, defamation, breach of contract.

Ms. Keith has been involved with the Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia as the Rule 66 - Course Materials Author, September 26, 2002 and the Rule 66 (Victoria) - Course Presenter, September 26, 2002. She is also a member of the Trial Lawyers Association of BC. Trial Lawyers Association of BC

Executive member since 1998
2003 table officer position of Parliamentarian
2004 table officer position as Secretary
Chair of the Seminar Planning Committee
2005 - Second Vice-President
2006 - First Vice-President, Trial Lawyers Association of BC
2007 - 2008, President, Trial Lawyers Association of BC

Ms. Keith is a former Chairperson of the Advocacy Committee of LUPUS CANADA (a federally registered non-profit society) promoting public awareness and education and support services for sufferers of this medical condition. She currently continues as a member of this committee.


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